Monday, August 3, 2015

Thanks Orange Sunshine!

Delighted to have received those beautiful shots from Orange Sunshine Photography. We are thankful that Joanne kindly shared them with us :-). I love them all and want to share with you all. Below are a some of my favorite images but you can find more of Joanne's gorgeous photos following this link:

Monday, July 6, 2015

Some like it hot.... pink!

hot pink bougainvilleas bouquetFinally here comes July and I am pleased to have gone through those busy May and June wedding months smoothly. Unavoidable hiccups here and there but we must embrace those as an opportunity to strengthen our team and to improve our professional skills. Sounds simple but I can't tell you how many times we have pulled our hair :-).

Enjoying a quiet moment today, I could not help but write the story of one event in last December. I can still remember the process of making this fun fuchsia wedding bouquet together with our client and her wedding planner. She chose just one color and used only this beautiful tropical climbers paper like flowers called bougainvillea. From flower showers, flower aisles, cocktail centerpieces to dinner table and flower hanging installations. Bougainvilleas were everywhere and it's hot pink hues made me joyful.

The bouquet was hand tied, an unstructured kind of oval shape of obviously bougainvilleas tied with dried pandan leaves around the stems. We added ferns leaves and wild berries as an accent to this big bunch bouquet.

hot pink bougainvilleas bouquet

We had a bamboo platform that was decorated with scattered flowers, trailing ivy leaves and aerial roots. Banana cones filled with flower petals and the aisles were covered with our bougainvilleas. The ceremony felt intimate as family and close friends gathered in this kind of non formal seated ceremony.

ceremony at arika villa, canggu

ceremony at arika villa, canggu

hot pink bougainvilleas inside banana cones

The dinner tables were decorated with flower table runners overhanging at both sides of the table. The gold lanterns and votive holders are coming from the wedding planner and the unique resin goodies are produced by the Bride itself. You can find her other products here :-)

flower garland of hot pink bougainvilleas as table runner

Inside the tent, we placed flower installations and hanging flower garlands and greeneries over fairy lights that was installed by the lighting supplier.

flower installation of hot pink bougainvilleas above dinner tables

flower installation of hot pink bougainvilleas above dinner tables with hanging greeneries and flowers

The cute lounge sets were brought in by our wedding planner and she decorated them with various cushions and pillows. Accents of floral centerpieces gave a notch to the overall look.

lounge sets 
lounge sets

ice cream stall

instagram sign with hot pink bougainvilleas

This was a renewal vow party that I shall not forget. Happy anniversary to both of you and wishing you all the best for the coming years together forever.... :-).

Wedding planner: Amity from Island Hitched

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Featured on

Great news from one of our previous clients. Her wedding has been featured in and we are very grateful that she kindly acknowledged our company.

Thank you for letting us know and forwarding to us those constructive feedbacks, suggestions and wishes. We will continue to do our best for each of our event. Thank you for believing in our success. All our best wishes to you !

You can look at May's wedding photos on her beautiful wedding website here :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thanks Style Me Pretty!

Several days ago, Style Me Pretty has featured our event. This is so rewarding for me. Thanks Stylemepretty, we are so honored to have been chosen by you. You can see it more here.

I want to extend my gratitude to Karen at Cher Ange for trusting me on board with this wedding :-).

Sunday, February 1, 2015

White chic rustic wedding at Phalosa Villa, Batu Belig

welcome area, blackboard, white washed balinese birdcage, white peacocks inside bamboo basket

We did this wedding back in October for a nice, fun and easygoing couple from Australia. The bride wanted to have an all white color for the flowers but also wanted to incorporate a rustic-elegant edge. This is where the brown color and wooden element is coming in. The client rented the wooden tables and benches and we provided burlap, twine strings and crates for the wooden theme and kept the rest in white color.

The bride bouquet is an hand tied off white avalanche roses in a posy style with baby’s breaths around the collar and a jute string wrapping up the stem. The bridesmaids are just holding baby’s breaths bouquet that also tied up with jute strings. While the boys are using the same flowers mixtures for their buttonholes as did the girls.

bride & father walking down the aisle

off white avalanche roses with baby's breaths bouquet

baby's breaths bouquets

baby's breaths bouquets

buttonholes for the groom; white rose, baby's breaths

We hanged burlap drapes on the existed pergola, arranged the beautiful wooden benches that the client rented, lined up the floral centerpieces inside jars as an aisle markers, placed a wooden sign and flower cones for flower petals at the back of the aisle.

off white avalanche roses, baby's breaths, white chyrsanthemums, wild berries, white snapdragons, silver dust leaves, white pom pom chyrsanthemums

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed the sunset in front of the beach with canapés and cocktails. There we had already prepared the lounge area with cocktail tables and wooden benches sets. Overlooking the beach, the set up was being complemented with small centerpieces, floating candles on the pool and rattan balls from the lighting company.

lounge area

On top of the dinner table, we placed mirror runners and also white lanterns with baby’s breaths inside burlap jars together with varied jars or bottles accompanied with small votive holders around. The tables looked inviting at night with the flickering candles and warm lights coming out from our bulbs hanged randomly over the dinner table. I could see from where I was standing, those yellow bursts from the dinner area making the blue – bright sky really standing out. As I enjoyed the work we had done, I saw the couple standing still for a while embracing the moments and smiling.

dinner area; wooden table and white bentwood chairs
dinner centerpieces with mirror runner and varied jars and bottles

dinner area; wooden table, white bentwood chairs and hanging random bulbs

dinner area; wooden table, white bentwood chairs and hanging random bulbs

dinner area; wooden table, white bentwood chairs and hanging random bulbs

Wedding planner: Bali bliss wedding

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thank you & Happy New Year 2015!

happy new year 2015-Florette Bali

A new year is beginning and we would like to say THANK YOU to our clients, our suppliers, our colleagues, our friends and families who have given us trust, support and encouragement. Maybe you did not realize it but you have helped us to make our dream comes true! We are nothing without you all. Thank you for pointing us our flaws, thank you for teaching us how to be a better company,  thank you for keeping on supporting us, thank you for sharing your ideas with us and trusting us to make it happened, thank you for referring us and thank you for letting us be part of your best memories. We could not say thank you enough for a marvelous 2014. We are excited to start the 2015 journey. Happy New Year everyone!

Florette Bali Team.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Simple fun tropical

Hem.., tropical eclectic? What else should I call this theme? The client liked fun, relaxed themes and we finally settled for a mixed seating arrangement with tropical flowers. Vibrant and pop up color flowers crossed my mind and we decided to use red claw heliconias, purple vanda douglas orchids, fuchsia fanta roses, orange cherry brandy roses, yellow pom pom and red -burgundy parijata berries among other things.

Initially guests will be standing and no flowers were planned for the ceremony but it crossed my mind, since we had a different seating set for dinner, why not just re-use them? So for the ceremony, we used a composition of wooden benches, white ottomans, natural tiffany chairs and as we still wanted to keep things simple, we just added two sets of varied brown metal lanterns at the end of the aisle. To jazz it up, I added red balsams petals inside spreading out to outside. Cute eh? 

wooden benches, ottomans, natural tiffany chairs, brown metal lanters & white rattan basket with red balsam petals

Re-using the same seating arrangements, we changed the area and brought stuffs in. A natural rectangle table, a white coffee table and decorated the venue with centerpieces, lanterns and tea light candles. I love candles but I'm always nervous using them especially tea light candles as most of the venues that we are using are outdoors and they can be blown away by the wind. Not this time though and I'm glad that we are using them on our dinner tables.

wedding reception at villa The Ylang Ylang

wedding reception at villa The Ylang Ylang

I think the centerpiece for dinner are gorgeous but I could be biased :-) . We use philodendron leaves as  table runners topped with silver metal lanterns with mixed flower tucked in on the sides. Add heliconias inside taller vases and purple vanda orchids with bear grass inside small cylinder vases with our faux mercury votive holders. Wooden benches and natural Tiffany chairs were paired with the wooden rectangle table. Oh yes, don't forget the cushions. They are a nice little details to the seating sets.

red heliconias, yellow pom pom, purple globe amaranth, orange vodoo roses, yelow-coral cherry brandy roses, fuchsia fanta roses, parijata berries, purple vanda orchids, philodendron leaves and bear grass

dinner table centerpieces & dinner seating arrangement

For the lounge set, we have the ottomans with white coffee tables decorated with two centerpieces of red ginger torches and green spider mums, one small metal lanterns and two varied brown metal lanterns on the ground next to it.

lounge area with ottomans

The ambiance is complemented with strings of bulbs above the dinner area, fairy lights on plumeria trees and strings of single floating candles floating on the pool.

individual floating candles above the pool

hanging bulbs over dinner area, floating candles above the pool, fairy lights on trees

Thanks to Lily  from The Bali Wedding Services for sharing  some of the photos with us :-) . Until next time....