Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blue turquoise vase centerpieces

I enjoy working on a new project and lately we have been asked to do a centerpiece with a blue turquoise vase and hot pink, pink and vivid green flowers. So we used our glass bottles and jars together with hot pink roses, pink snapdragons, pink roses and green spider mums. 
Three centerpieces were done in different sizes:  small, medium and tall. We paired the tall with the small and left the bigger one stand alone.  
tall and small turquoise vasemedium turquoise vase
turquoise vase-pink snapdragon & green spider mumsturquoise vase-hot pink rose, pink rose and green spider mums

Along the way, we created another style in addition to the request. We put red Anthurium who in some way have orangish color and small green spray chrysanthemum to replace green spider mums. 

Looking again at those photos above, I am thinking of adding some yellow to that arrangement. It would be perfect for one of my close friend who likes combinations of hot pink and yelllow. She loves spider mums too :-).

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mockup for a lovely couple from Jakarta

Another mock up for a lovely couple from Jakarta.

We made two kinds of bouquets reusing the same flowers but following  a different style.One has accents of a garden style, more rustic, jumbling feelings while the other is more settled and calm. They are both equally cute and adorable. It depends on what style of wedding you and your partner would like.

Though flower arrangement is mostly women territory, you can still ask your future husband opinion in this matter. After all, I guess most men will go along with their wife on flowers matter...

As mentioned above, basically we use the same flowers on both bouquets. The first one is made of purple roses, pink roses, blue hydrangea, green hydrangea, pink lisianthus (Eustoma), green dewdrop and ruscus leaves. We got the inspiration by another florist and reinterpreted it .
bouquet-purple roses, pink roses, lisianthus, blue hydrangeas, green hydrangeas, green dew drop

We removed the green hydrangeas and lisianthus and kept the other elements, mixing them with more roses, blue hydrangeas and ruscus leaves.
bouquet-purple roses, pink roses, ruscus leaves, blue hydrangeas, green dewdrop

We created two boutonnieres to go along with the bouquet. I guess I should have twisted the end of the corsage stem so that it will not appear so straight and stiff. Well, let’s make a note for the next time…
buttonhole-pink rose
buttonhole-purple rose
We also produced different dinner centerpieces samples. Below are the samples that we have made among others. Using varied glass vases and jars, we planned to have three sets of dinner centerpieces different from one table to the other.

For this flower arrangement, we still used pink & purple roses, green & blue hydrangeass, green dewdrop and ruscus leaves as well as white aster, light pink & purple chrysanthemums and burgundy local berries.
dinner centerpiece mockup 1

dinner centerpiece mockup 2

dinner centerpiece mockup 3

dinner centerpiece mockup 4

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Villa opening in Kerobokan

Last week we had a job in Kerobokan. A new villa opening which was organized by XO Bali events. We matched the theme color to their red and gold company logo. The client agreed when we suggested a tropical theme with a twist of ikebana style. And we decided on Anthurium, our red tropical flower as the key flower.

We mixed it with red Gerbera, hot pink celosia, balloonplant (Asclepias Physocarpa), Heliconia and burgundy berries. I particularly love the biggest flower arrangement on the table in the lobby. It deservedly attracted everybody's attention.

lobby centerpiece

To achieve the gold color, we sprayed the Anthurium and the palm leaves and we use bamboo stems as the non flower element with palm leaves, red cordyline leaves and bamboo leaves. I am always keen to incorporate bamboo. And since it was in line with the theme, I decided to go ahead. Below are a few shots we want to share with you guys. Enjoy!

small centerpiece

ottoman set and small centerpiece

bar centerpiece

banana trunk

Monday, September 9, 2013

A simple bouquet

A few days ago, we made a quick, simple bouquet for a bride who is planning to get married in late 2014. We just used whatever flowers available while still following her theme color & style preferences.

She chose a boho vintage theme and said she likes a garden style with bright colors, especially fuchsia, pink and purple. We used vibrant pink Celosia, fuchsia roses, pink roses, purple Chrysanthemum, green Hydrangea, green dewdrop (Duranta erecta), Hydrangea leaves and ferns that were tied wrapped with dried pandan (Pandanus) strings. I hope you like it.

fuchsia celosia, purple chrysanthemum, hot pink rose, green hydrangea, fern, green dewdrop