Thursday, November 6, 2014

Simple fun tropical

Hem.., tropical eclectic? What else should I call this theme? The client liked fun, relaxed themes and we finally settled for a mixed seating arrangement with tropical flowers. Vibrant and pop up color flowers crossed my mind and we decided to use red claw heliconias, purple vanda douglas orchids, fuchsia fanta roses, orange cherry brandy roses, yellow pom pom and red -burgundy parijata berries among other things.

Initially guests will be standing and no flowers were planned for the ceremony but it crossed my mind, since we had a different seating set for dinner, why not just re-use them? So for the ceremony, we used a composition of wooden benches, white ottomans, natural tiffany chairs and as we still wanted to keep things simple, we just added two sets of varied brown metal lanterns at the end of the aisle. To jazz it up, I added red balsams petals inside spreading out to outside. Cute eh? 

wooden benches, ottomans, natural tiffany chairs, brown metal lanters & white rattan basket with red balsam petals

Re-using the same seating arrangements, we changed the area and brought stuffs in. A natural rectangle table, a white coffee table and decorated the venue with centerpieces, lanterns and tea light candles. I love candles but I'm always nervous using them especially tea light candles as most of the venues that we are using are outdoors and they can be blown away by the wind. Not this time though and I'm glad that we are using them on our dinner tables.

wedding reception at villa The Ylang Ylang

wedding reception at villa The Ylang Ylang

I think the centerpiece for dinner are gorgeous but I could be biased :-) . We use philodendron leaves as  table runners topped with silver metal lanterns with mixed flower tucked in on the sides. Add heliconias inside taller vases and purple vanda orchids with bear grass inside small cylinder vases with our faux mercury votive holders. Wooden benches and natural Tiffany chairs were paired with the wooden rectangle table. Oh yes, don't forget the cushions. They are a nice little details to the seating sets.

red heliconias, yellow pom pom, purple globe amaranth, orange vodoo roses, yelow-coral cherry brandy roses, fuchsia fanta roses, parijata berries, purple vanda orchids, philodendron leaves and bear grass

dinner table centerpieces & dinner seating arrangement

For the lounge set, we have the ottomans with white coffee tables decorated with two centerpieces of red ginger torches and green spider mums, one small metal lanterns and two varied brown metal lanterns on the ground next to it.

lounge area with ottomans

The ambiance is complemented with strings of bulbs above the dinner area, fairy lights on plumeria trees and strings of single floating candles floating on the pool.

individual floating candles above the pool

hanging bulbs over dinner area, floating candles above the pool, fairy lights on trees

Thanks to Lily  from The Bali Wedding Services for sharing  some of the photos with us :-) . Until next time....