Friday, August 29, 2014

Lavender theme wedding

The event was held in the Regent Sanur. The client wanted to have lavender as the main color while incorporating purple, blue, pink colors and a touch of white. They liked the lavender cool water roses and didn’t mind me mixing it with purple vanda orchids. I liked orchids but even though I am living in a tropical island where orchids are found, they are expensive as it is difficult to grow them. I am particularly fond of Vanda orchids because they are especially nice looking orchids and not too expensive. My favorite combinations :-).

Thank you Bali Pixtura to letting us taking the pictures they had shot for their blog here. I have used them together with my own pictures.

The bride’s Bouquet was a mixture of off white avalanche roses, lavender cool water roses, purple vanda orchids, pink roses, blue hydrangeas, Momosa berries and leaves, wrapped with off white satin ribbon around the stem and  pinned with a white pin. The bridesmaids were wearing the same composition but smaller than the Bride's bouquet.

lavender cool water roses, lavender dolcetto roses, purple lavender orchid off white avalanche roses, blue hydrangeas, momosa berries and leaves

In the welcome area, we had centerpieces, a welcome sign in a white washed frame, a money box and a guest book from the client.

guest signing table

white rattan money box

guest signing table

The winds was particularly strong that day and we had difficulties placing things. Some of the flower petals inside the glassine sheet cones were blown off, the centerpiece for ceremony fell down and swept away from our white table and we finally decided to put the flower petals on the aisle at the last minute. But at the end, everything came together beautifully.

wedding ceremony at regent sanur

  flower tassels

flower aisle marker in a jar

wedding ceremony at regent sanur

wedding ceremony at regent sanur

Once ceremony was finished, all guests moved to the cocktail area while the hotel staff and everyone else shifted the place as the dinner area in one hour. Each of of the round tables for the guests were decorated with three different types of clear glass vases and metal lanterns with candles.

dinner centerpieces of lavender cool water roses, lavender dolcetto roses, pink revival roses, purple vanda orchids, off white avalanche roses, blue hydrangeas, momosa berries, leaves and silver metal lantern

dinner table scape with white tiffany chair

Long tables for the bridal party were decorated with long centerpieces with their two ends of trailing leaves spreading out on both sides. 

trailing garlands for bridal table

trailing garlands for bridal table

Last but not least are the other details such as ring pillow made from blue hydrangeas, two smalls floating candles in the small pond near the dinner area, seating arrangement cards hanged at the white washed frame, white rattan wicker ball hanging over the each dinner table and fairy light decorated the tree.

ring pillow from blue hydrangeas

seating arrangement cards

hanging white rattan wicker ball

hanging white rattan wicker ball

Wedding planner: Wedding Acts 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blush colors incorporated in a Vintage theme

“Don’t worry, it will not rain. It will be fun!”. I remember saying in the middle of our conversation about the possibilities of having to move if Mother earth was not agreeable to our plan.  It’s not the rainy season but nowadays it’s a bit tricky to predict the weather and I also believe that one has to remain positive and be flexible. And it all went according to our expectations. The weather was sunny, warm but breezy on the wedding day. Everybody was delighted! The client was happy because they had got what they had dreamed of, having planned everything from major things to that small items. It would have been a disappointment if we had had to change our plan and move to a smaller place indoor.  I was also happy because I could arranged everything I had planned and afterwards shared the pictures with you :-) .

Many details were incorporated into the wedding. To name a few, we had love quotes hanging on the trees, all “Meet the Guests” pictures on one side, a coconut drink stall, a photo booth stall, food stalls including Suckling Pig stalls, dessert buffet, etc.  But of course since I am here to share mostly about the decoration and flowers we had prepared therefore I’m going to start with the ceremony.

For ceremony, my bride wanted to have standing flowers in clear glass vases. A modern feeling while still incorporating the vintage theme, so we had three different types of vases wrapped with jute strings, burlap and off white lace on top. We placed the standing flowers near the melamine floating stage where the solemnization was taking place. Behind the aisles, we had white washed crates with some flowers arrangements, lanterns, doilies paper cones for flower shower and some fans for the ladies. White Tiffany chairs were tied with peach chair ribbons.

ceremony 1

ceremony 2

green hydrangeas, marmara gerberas, soft avalanche roses, pink snapdragpns, peach roses, succulents, momosa leaves

In the cocktail area, there were cocktail tables, two sets of white ottomans and brown washed crates used as coffee table decorated with off white lace runners, white lanterns, tea lights and small flower centerpiece.

white ottomans and brown washed crates

Once the ceremony was finished, the catering company removed the chairs and brought in the dinner tables. Peach chair table runners topped with lace runners were placed under wrapped books and centerpieces. White lanterns next to it and we had our faux mercury tea light holders scattered around.  Soft peach and pink paper lanterns complemented the ambiance at the dinner area.

dinner centerpiece 1

dinner centerpiece 2

dinner centerpiece long table 1

dinner centerpiece long table 2

dinner centerpiece long table 3

 We made four bouquets and four corsages in total. A bigger hand tied bouquet for the Bride was a mixtures of peach roses, orange cherry brandy roses, pink sweet avalanche roses, succulents, pink-burgundy parijata berries, ammi majus ans silver dollar leaves with white laces ribbon wrapped around the stem.

ammi majus, orange cherry brandy roses, pink sweet avalanche roses, peach avalanche roses, succulents, pink-burgundy parijata berries, momosa leaves and silver dust

Among other corsages we made for the boys, the groomsmen decided at the last minute that the favorite guy of the day had to use the one that was made from cherry brandy roses and Ammi Majus.

Groom corsage

groomsmen corsages

Thanks a bunch to Arie from AT Photography Bali for taking the pictures for me despite not feeling well on the day, he still managed to capture the scenes that I wanted.  

welcome sign

direction signages

seating arrangement