Sunday, September 22, 2013

Mockup for a lovely couple from Jakarta

Another mock up for a lovely couple from Jakarta.

We made two kinds of bouquets reusing the same flowers but following  a different style.One has accents of a garden style, more rustic, jumbling feelings while the other is more settled and calm. They are both equally cute and adorable. It depends on what style of wedding you and your partner would like.

Though flower arrangement is mostly women territory, you can still ask your future husband opinion in this matter. After all, I guess most men will go along with their wife on flowers matter...

As mentioned above, basically we use the same flowers on both bouquets. The first one is made of purple roses, pink roses, blue hydrangea, green hydrangea, pink lisianthus (Eustoma), green dewdrop and ruscus leaves. We got the inspiration by another florist and reinterpreted it .
bouquet-purple roses, pink roses, lisianthus, blue hydrangeas, green hydrangeas, green dew drop

We removed the green hydrangeas and lisianthus and kept the other elements, mixing them with more roses, blue hydrangeas and ruscus leaves.
bouquet-purple roses, pink roses, ruscus leaves, blue hydrangeas, green dewdrop

We created two boutonnieres to go along with the bouquet. I guess I should have twisted the end of the corsage stem so that it will not appear so straight and stiff. Well, let’s make a note for the next time…
buttonhole-pink rose
buttonhole-purple rose
We also produced different dinner centerpieces samples. Below are the samples that we have made among others. Using varied glass vases and jars, we planned to have three sets of dinner centerpieces different from one table to the other.

For this flower arrangement, we still used pink & purple roses, green & blue hydrangeass, green dewdrop and ruscus leaves as well as white aster, light pink & purple chrysanthemums and burgundy local berries.
dinner centerpiece mockup 1

dinner centerpiece mockup 2

dinner centerpiece mockup 3

dinner centerpiece mockup 4

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