Thursday, September 12, 2013

Villa opening in Kerobokan

Last week we had a job in Kerobokan. A new villa opening which was organized by XO Bali events. We matched the theme color to their red and gold company logo. The client agreed when we suggested a tropical theme with a twist of ikebana style. And we decided on Anthurium, our red tropical flower as the key flower.

We mixed it with red Gerbera, hot pink celosia, balloonplant (Asclepias Physocarpa), Heliconia and burgundy berries. I particularly love the biggest flower arrangement on the table in the lobby. It deservedly attracted everybody's attention.

lobby centerpiece

To achieve the gold color, we sprayed the Anthurium and the palm leaves and we use bamboo stems as the non flower element with palm leaves, red cordyline leaves and bamboo leaves. I am always keen to incorporate bamboo. And since it was in line with the theme, I decided to go ahead. Below are a few shots we want to share with you guys. Enjoy!

small centerpiece

ottoman set and small centerpiece

bar centerpiece

banana trunk

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