Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blue turquoise vase centerpieces

I enjoy working on a new project and lately we have been asked to do a centerpiece with a blue turquoise vase and hot pink, pink and vivid green flowers. So we used our glass bottles and jars together with hot pink roses, pink snapdragons, pink roses and green spider mums. 
Three centerpieces were done in different sizes:  small, medium and tall. We paired the tall with the small and left the bigger one stand alone.  
tall and small turquoise vasemedium turquoise vase
turquoise vase-pink snapdragon & green spider mumsturquoise vase-hot pink rose, pink rose and green spider mums

Along the way, we created another style in addition to the request. We put red Anthurium who in some way have orangish color and small green spray chrysanthemum to replace green spider mums. 

Looking again at those photos above, I am thinking of adding some yellow to that arrangement. It would be perfect for one of my close friend who likes combinations of hot pink and yelllow. She loves spider mums too :-).

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